-Beech Tree - Faulty Stock!-

-Beech Tree - Faulty Stock!-
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£20.00 £10.00

Product Information

 Our last one of these and it has definitely seen better days!

This tree is complete but will require a little bit of TLC to restore it to how it should look!

Two branches have snapped off (cleanly), they just need gluing back into position - this is a non-returnable item!

Normally sells for £35.00 - a bargain (even with the damage) at only £10.00

Ideal for the 7mm (O Gauge) modeller or the 4mm modeller who has the space for full scale trees!

The extra picture(s) are taken showing how these trees could work with your 1:35 scale models.

The figures used in our model photos are 7mm scale models

Beech Tree

Beech is often seen as a feminine tree and particularly elegant examples may earn the name 'Queen beech'.
Beech woodlands are characterised by a carpet of crispy fallen leaves and nut casings on the ground.

Beech was a late entrant to Great Britain after the last glaciation, and may have been restricted to basic soils in the south of England. The beech is classified as a native in the south of England and as a non-native in the north where it is often removed from 'native' woods. Large areas of the Chilterns are covered with beech woods.

Beech is not native to Ireland; however, it was widely planted from the 18th century, and can become a problem shading out the native woodland understory.

The common European beech grows naturally in Denmark and southern Sweden. As a naturally growing forest tree, it marks the important border between the European deciduous forest zone and the northern pine forest zone. This border is important for both wildlife and fauna and is a sharp line along the Swedish western coast, which gets broader toward the south

Average height 10-35m

LS001 - Beech Tree, Height: 400mm, Width: 300mm, To Bottom Branch: 125mm

The weight of this tree is exaggerated to allow for overseas shipping costs.

Product CodeLS001
ManufacturerThe Model Tree Shop