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English Oak Tree
Oaks are members of the beech family, Fagaceae, and are long-lived trees which grow relatively slowly, at least in their initial years. Both pedunculate and sessile oak are large trees, reaching up to 40 metres in height. However, because of its more north-westerly distribution and ability to grow on higher ground, sessile oak is more usually only up to 30 metres tall in Scotland. Trees of both species regularly live to be 500 years old, and individuals of 1,000 years old are known, although in some cases that age has been achieved by coppicing them over long periods of time.

The common, pedunculate, or English, oak is the commonest tree in southern and central British broadleaved woods. In fact, throughout Europe it has been the predominant timber tree since prehistoric times.

Average height 15-25m

All trees come with a spigot, all you need to do is drill an appropriate sized hole for 'planting'.

Product Code TW23
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