Grass Strips - 2-4mm Long

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Strips24-2 Colours (Static Grass): 2 - Spring Meadow Mix £3.50 13
Strips24-6 Colours (Static Grass): 6 - Summer Meadow £3.50 13
Strips24-7 Colours (Static Grass): 7 - Autumn Meadow £3.50 13
Strips24-8 Colours (Static Grass): 8 - Winter Meadow £3.50 13
Strips24-Rand Colours (Static Grass): Random Selection £3.50 13

12 Strips of static grass 2-4mm in height, 55mm long.

These are great for between tracks where not much traffic has been, lining footpaths and the middle of a country lane...

Scale: 1-2` N Gauge, 6"-1` OO Gauge, 3-6" O Gauge

Product Code Strips24
Manufacturer The Model Tree Shop
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