OO-HO Scale Products

OO-HO Scale Products

The trees in this section are most suitable for 'OO/HO' scale but don't forget to checkout the twisted wire trees section, the etched brass trees section or string & wire trees for a variety of other colours, shapes and sizes

Trees up to 55mm can be considered as small shrubs, garden trees etc

Trees 70-105mm are still young saplings.

Trees 130-140mm are slightly more mature and trees over 150mm are accepted by the minds 'eye' as being mature - Please bear in mind that although the average British tree is over 65` tall many of us do not have space for full scale trees on our layouts.

The larger trees LS003 and LS004 although they are 300mm tall this is only really 75` scale!

Please note that due to the varying manufacturing processes used, packaging and transport we work to a small +/- tolerance of the stated size of your product.

 Tree Sizes Metric To Imperial
HO1:877 feet15 feet22 feet29 feet44 feet
OO1:766 feet13 feet19 feet25 feet38 feet


  • Yucca


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