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N SM-2 Practical 'Gift' Box: This is for me no thank you! £10.00 49
N SM-1 Practical 'Gift' Box: This is a gift yes please! £10.00 48

A selection of eight 'ready to plant' trees individually valued at £11.50 for only £10.00

This set consists of trees varying in scale heights from 27`6" - 50`:
1x PL20101 (55mm), 1x PL20103 (55mm), 1x PL21105 (100mm), 1x PL23101 (80mm),
1x PL23102 (80mm), 1x PL24101 (100mm), PL25101 (80mm) and 1x PL25102 (80mm)

You can have these trees in a 'gift' box, please note that this box is still functional rather than 'pretty'


Product Code N SM
Condition New
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