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Please use our scale chart to help with the size of trees that you require.

Figure Size to Ratio & Sample Tree Sizes
Height of FigureRatioOur Nearest Equivalent150mm Tree Equals130mm Tree Equals55mm Tree Equals20mm Tree Equals
2mm1:8051:750396 feet(!)343 feet (!)145 feet52 feet
6mm1:2681:300 or 1:200132 feet(!)114 feet (!)48 feet17.5 feet
10mm1:1611:15079 feet64 feet29 feet10.5 feet
15mm1:1071:10052.5 feet45.5 feet19 feet7 feet
20mm1:801:7539 feet32 feet14 feet5 feet
25mm1:641:7531.5 feet27 feet11.5 feet4 feet
28mm1:581:5028.5 feet25 feet10.5 feet3.75 feet
30mm1:541:5026.5 feet23 feet9.75 feet3.5 feet



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