Scale Charts and Scale Tools

It is difficult to label our trees with a scale because as you can see from the website our trees range in size and shape to fit a variety of scales. From T scale to O scale we have trees to enhance every project; a tall deciduous giant tree in T scale works well as a small bush/ shrub or sapling in N scale or HO scale. Using your imagination, build hedges, ground cover, orchards and forests with our wide variety of shapes and colours. If you prefer you can always use Scalecalc

ScaleCalc is a simple calculator for scale model fans. ScaleCalc simplifies estimation of the model's size when the prototype sizes are entered.

With Scalecalc you can:-
· Calculate dimensions of the model (replica) when prototype dimensions are given.
· Work in fractions or decimals

· Calculate sizes from millimetres up to miles!
· Work in scale values or calculate the scale

ScaleCalcis a freeware program which we believe to be 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors, however as with all software please scan before use. (The Model Tree Shop cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by this program)


Model Tree Scale Charts

Use the scale charts below to determine the correct tree size for your next model project or diorama.

For ease of working 1" = 25mm as near as workable I.E 100mm = 4", 3" = 75mm etc.

Metric To Imperial
 1:50041 feet59 feet82 feet123 feet165 feet250 feet
T1:45037 feet53 feet74 feet110 feet148 feet220 feet
 1:30024.6 feet35 feet49 feet73 feet98 feet147 feet
Z1:22018 feet26 feet37 feet55 feet73 feet110 feet
 1:20016 feet23.5 feet32 feet56 feet65.6 feet98 feet
N1:16013 feet19 feet27 feet40 feet53 feet80 feet
 1.1008 feet12 feet16 feet24.6 feet32 feet49 feet
HO1:877 feet10 feet15 feet22 feet29 feet44 feet
OO1:766 feet9 feet13 feet19 feet25 feet38 feet
O1:484 feet5.5 feet8 feet12 feet16 feet24 feet


Metric To Metric



Figure Size to Ratio & Sample Tree Sizes

Height of Figure


Our Nearest Equivalent

150mm Tree Equals

130mm Tree Equals

105mm Tree Equals

90mm Tree Equals

70mm Tree Equals

55mm Tree Equals

40mm Tree Equals

30mm Tree Equals

23mm Tree Equals




396 feet(!)

343 feet (!)

277 feet (!)

237 feet (!)

184 feet (!)

145 feet

105 feet

79 feet

60 feet



1:300 or 1:200 'Z' Scale

132 feet

114 feet

92 feet

79 feet

61.5 feet

48 feet

35 feet

26 feet

20 feet



1:150 or 'N' Scale

79 feet

64 feet

55.5 feet

47.5 feet

37 feet

29 feet

21 feet

16 feet

12 feet



1:100 or 'OO/HO' Scale

52.5 feet

45.5 feet

37 feet

31.5 feet

24.5 feet

19 feet

14 feet

10.5 feet

8 feet



1:75 or 'OO/HO' Scale

39 feet

32 feet

27.5 feet

23.5 feet

18 feet

14 feet

10.5 feet

8 feet

6 feet



1:75 or 'OO/HO' Scale

31.5 feet

27 feet

22 feet

19 feet

14.5 feet

11.5 feet

8.5 feet

6 feet

5 feet



1:50 or 7mm Scale

28.5 feet

25 feet

20 feet

17 feet

13 feet

10.5 feet

7.5 feet

5.75 feet

4 feet



1:50 or 7mm Scale

26.5 feet

23 feet

18.5 feet

16 feet

12.5 feet

9.75 feet

7 feet

5 feet

4 feet