N Gauge - Medium Set


Product Information

A collection of 11 different trees individually valued at £18.05 for only £15.00

This set consists of trees varying in scale heights from 25` - 52`6":
1x PL1002 (105mm), 1x PL1068 (100mm), 1x PL1097 (50mm), 1x PL20101 (55mm),
1x PL20103 (55mm), 1x PL21104 (100mm), 1x PL23101 (80mm), 1x PL23102 (80mm),
1x PL24101 (100mm), PL25101 (80mm) and 1x PL25102 (80mm)

You can have these trees in a 'gift' box, please note that this box is still functional rather than 'pretty'

Product Code N MED
Condition New
Weight 0.2Kg