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OO LGE-2 Practical 'Gift' Box: This is for me no thank you! £50.00 50
OO LGE-1 Practical 'Gift' Box: This is a gift yes please! £50.00 50

A selection of 16 'ready to plant' trees suitable for the more serious 'OO' modeller.

Individually valued at £65.15 for only £50.00!

This set is made up from:-
1x PL1002 (100mm), 1x PL1008 (100mm), 1x PL1016 (130mm), 1x PL1017 (140mm),
1x PL1018 (140mm), 1x PL1022 (140mm), 1x PL1025 (200mm), 1x PL1050 (100mm),
1x PL21101 (180mm), 1x PL21103 (130mm), 1x PL1079 (200mm), 1x PL1080 (200mm),
1x PL1099 (180mm), 1x PL26101 (180mm), 1x PL26102 (180mm) and 1x PL26CB (180mm)

You can have these trees in a 'gift' box, please note that this box is still functional rather than 'pretty'


Product Code OO LGE
Condition New
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